StarLine’s Smart Technologies

StarLine’s Smart Technologies

StarLine is a company that focuses on innovation. In its native Russia, the company is recognized (and has received a number of awards) for its ongoing contribution to the advancement of hi-tech industry, particularly within the automotive segment.

StarLine has pioneered and patented a number of innovative technologies that you will not find in any other product on the market today. The company is proud of its employees, who happen to be the most learned and in-demand technical engineers and developers from across Eastern Europe.

StarLine owns a dedicated 2000+ sq.m. research, development, and production facility – the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe, where the groundbreaking technologies implemented in StarLine products are invented, developed, tested, and produced. The company has almost doubled in size in the past few years, and currently, in 2019, there are over 1,000 members of staff at StarLine.

We don’t copy and repackage or rebrand. We invent. We produce. We pioneer.

Take a look at some of the technologies used in our current – 6th generation – product range:
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Smart Multi-Level Protection
StarLine’s award-winning patented concept.
Analogue Engine Blocking
All StarLine products support multidimensional engine blocking.


Dialogue Code
Guarantees immunity against all known code-grabbing devices.
Additional Authorization
Set up a PIN code using vehicle’s OEM buttons.


2-Factor Authentication / Biometrics
No one but you can access your StarLine app.
Keyless Entry Protection
StarLine will guard agaists ‘relay theft’.


BluetoothSmart Ready
Owner authentication via BluetoothSmart technology.
iCAN™ Hidden Engine Blocking
Invisible, undetectable engine blocking via OEM CAN protocols.


OBD Port Protection
StarLine blocks unauthorized access to the vehicle’s OBD port.
Triple Axis Accelerometer
Built-in smart user-adjustable accelerometer with 3 sensors.


StarLine protects against theft by brute force and in case of stolen keys.
Motion Detection
Detects an attempt to drive without passing owner authentication.


Underhood Space Protection
All StarLine systems can be integrated with a hoodlock unit.




Slave Mode
Control the system using your car’s factory remote.
SuperSlave™ Technology
Upgraded security when using the OEM keyfob.


Go Hands-Free
Automatic (un)locking of doors as you approach or leave the car.

EC1 sensor lets you open the car with a touch of the handle.


Vehicle Search
Find your vehicle in a parking lot by pressing a single button.

Visual Indication
StarLine ‘intuitive’ Mobile App. is extremely simple to grasp.


Simple & Effective Communication
Choose your favourite way to connect with your car..

Comfort Settings
Window roll-up, mirror folding, steering wheel auto adjustment, etc.




2CAN+2LIN Interface
Extended list of available features through 2CAN+2LIN.
This revolutionary technology offers infinite programming possibilities.


HyperSensitive™ Technology
Unparalelled precision even in extreme environments.

NanoWatt™ Technology
Patented technologies ensure record-breaking energy efficiency.


Climate Resistance
StarLine equipment can endure extreme climatic conditions.

Radionoise Immunity
StarLine systems are designed to work in extra-urban environment.


The iKey™ Technology
StarLine’s smart (keyless) OEM transponder bypass.

The CopyKey™ Technology
Securily produce a ‘ghost’ copy of an OEM transponder.


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At StarLine, we don't put all the eggs in one basket! -- We realise that it's unwise to relay on single-dimensional security. Instead, we incorporate several different layers of protection into a single system and encourage our partners get creative when installing any particular StarLine product -- to further complicate it for the would-be thief.

The multilayer protection concept involves things like: more than 1 type of engine blocking (analogue + CANBUS + wireless), more than 1-way user authentication measure in place (ex. PIN code + smartphone + radiotag), seamless integration of additional security upgrades, such as a tracking device and a hoodlock.

Analogue Engine Blocking - Is It Giving Way To "Invisible" Immobilisation via CANBUS?

Many products have recently emerged that offer "invisible" engine blocking without cutting wires and using external relays. This makes the installation simpler, faster, and more profitable. Unfortunately, at the expense of the end-user's security. Employing CANBUS-based engine immobilisation as a stand-alone anti-theft measure is a bad practice that can make a vehicle an easy target as such engine blocking can be bypassed, whereas analogue (relay-based) engine blocking can only be compromised by physically disconnecting the relay (if found).

For those, who are still unsure as to whether they should choose a product with CANBUS-based or analogue engine immobilisation, - there's good news! You don't have to choose one or the other.

StarLine offers both in a single product!

We encourage the use of analogue engine blocking as the main immobilisation mechanism, and adding CANBUS engine blocking as a supplementary anti-theft measure! That's a bona fide win-win!

Buyer beware! Please be wary of digital products that rely on CAN-BUS engine immobilisation alone, and always check with your fitter whether they use analogue relays when carrying out engine blocking... or only CANBUS-based immobilisation - the latter is NOT a safe practice; do not believe anyone who claims otherwise!

StarLine Guarantees 100% Immunity Agaist All Known Code-Scanners!

StarLine 6th generation product range, emloy the latest hi-tech solutions to ensure 100% immunity against electronic attacks used by theieves for keyless entry - we use unique dialogue authorization and strongest possible encryption in our products, which ensures that StarLine systems are impossible to 'hack' using code-grabbing devices.

The main unit (inside the car) and the remote (on your person) 'communicate' with each other transmitting radiocodes (01001…). Hijackers use code-scanning devices, known as 'code-grabbers', to intercept and save the radiocode sequence containing the code for the command that the main unit interprets as 'disarm the vehicle's security system and unlock the doors'.

StarLine systems use unique algorithms that are not readable by such devices. StarLine dialogue code emoploys 128-bit encription, and the authorization sequence is unique to each system.

So when a particular StarLine remote sends a command to the vehicle on which the corresponding system is installed, the main unit transforms it into another code and sends it back to the remote for 'authorization' (a 'dialogue' is initiated). The authorization code can be likened to a riddle -- the remote is required to 'solve' this riddle in order to prove that it is, in fact, the 'native' remote that is tied to this particular system. The 'riddle' is always randomly generated and always unique - it never repeats twice and there is no particular sequence that it follows, hence - it cannot be predicted. The 'riddle' is solved and transformed into a radicode using a special algorithm - a unique encryption key that the main unit and the remote received at their registration and that is known only to those two. The solved riddle that's now a radiocode is then relayed back to the main unit, after which the system is authorized to execute the original command and send confirmation at the remote.

It is a complicated process, but it runs 'behind the scenes' and is invisible to the end-user. In fact, the 'dialogue' described above lasts for a split second, so you don't have to worry about any delays in locking/unlock your vehicle.

No code-grabbing device available on the 'black market' today is capable of to calculate the individual encryption key or validating the radiocode with the system, should it be able to intercepted any in the first place, so your vehicle is realible protected agaist all forms of electronic attacks!

Access to the vehicle can only be gained using the equipment that's been tied to it upon installation. It will accept commands only from a device that has been authorized or 'written' into the main unit, therefore the key-cloning method will not work on a vehicle equipped with a StarLine system.

By the way, StarLine are always keeping an eye on the 'black market' activity and what the criminals get up to -- we work with seasoned hackers - some freelance and some contracted, rewarding them generously if they manage to break our algorithms. If that happens, we are the first to know, so we promptly come up with a solution, before our customers fall prey to any potential vulnerabilities that the thievies could exploit in our systems.

The bottom line is, - with StarLine, your vehicle is reliably protected against all known forms of electronic attacks.

Owner Authentication Via Personal PIN-Code

You can get a higher level of protection for your vehicle if you register a personal PIN-code using the vehicle's native dash buttons. For example, sound volume on the steering wheel: two times up and two times down. Thus, if unauthorised access to the vehicle is gained, or the thief has obtain the keys to the vehicle - and even if your smartphone and radiotag are lost or stolen, the system will not unblock the engine until a certain combination on OEM buttons - the PIN code - is pressed.

Secure As A Bank Vault!

StarLine makes sure that you're the only one, who can log into the StarLine app. on your Smartphone, hence - even if the phone is lost or stolen, no unauthorized access will be gained to the controls of your vehicle.

With the smart technologies, features in StarLine Telematics 3.0 software version of the StarLine smartphone application, you get the highest possible level of data protection -- now access to the controls of your vehicle is protected by technologies as realiable as those used by the banking payment systems worldwide.

Telematics is still a relatively new trend in the global IT industry, particularly telematic services related to vehicle security, so many mobile applications designed for vehicle owners can still be an easy target for cyber-criminals... StarLine engineers are constantly working on new solutions to guarantee our customers the highest level of data protection possible. The latest version of StarLine's free smartphone app.'s architecture is based on the latest, most advanced solutions currently available. and features patented technologies invented by the talented StarLine engineers, here - at the StarLine research and developement facility ('StarLine Labs').

Check out the features you get with StarLine 3.0 Telematics:


Access To The App. Protected By 2-Stage User Authentication

In the car security market StarLine engineers successfully pioneered the secure login to the mobile app based on two-factor authentication which is the most effective method of protecting your data. Controlling of the car security and service from the latest mobile app is of the same reliability as the work of the world’s electronic payment systems.

For full protection of your confidential information please enter StarLine mobile app in the mode of two-factor authentication. In order to do this you have to enter a login, a password and a unique code received by SMS. Even if the thief learns your login and password, he will fail in entering your mobile app.

To enable secure login, please enter your Personal Account Area and add your phone number to the section «Contact information». Having received the SMS with a confirmation code, please activate «Two-factor authentication» in the «Security» section.

Do you want to enter your app in several seconds? It’s so easy! Just go to the «Settings» and activate «Quick login». Then please choose in the menu one of the authentication methods, including "PIN Autherntication" (come up with a 4-letter PIN code, type it in, - and your StarLine app. is ready to go!), and "TouchID" (for iOS / iPhone).


StarLine Biometrics

This is a quick and easy entry into the StarLine mobile app through TouchID authentication on iPhone 5S, 6. 6+ and up.

Now you can use the biometric sensor of your smartphone to enter the StarLine app. instead of login and password.

To start working with the biometric login it is necessary to enter the iPhone settings and add your fingerprints in the section «TouchID and password». This task will be successfully carried out by the operating system of your iPhone. It allows you to save several prints at once.

You can activate the biometric login in the settings of the StarLine app:

Step 1.: Start the application and choose the icon of the StarLine app.
Step 2. Select «Quick login» in the application settings, and then tick the option «Fingerprint authentication».

Using the biometric login function couldn't be simpler!

Restart the StarLine app. A pop-up window will appear containing the following message: «Put your finger on the sensor». Follow the request and put your finger on the «Home» button with the built-in sensor on your iPhone (5s, 6 and 6+) with iOS version 8.0 and up. Wait a few seconds — and you will be registered as the owner by the mobile app + you are now logged logged-in and the app. is ready to use!

Keyless Entry / Push-To-Start Protection

StarLine ensures protection against 'relay theft' - the most common method used to steal modern vehicles, applicable to vehicles equipped with the Push-To-Start button instead of a physical key. The channel through which the OEM (factory) remote/keycard transmits signals to the main unit inside the vehicle is blocked until the owner is identifies by one or several chosen owner authentication methods (see "StarLine SuperSlave").

For example, - if you have chosen your smartphone for driver recognition, the Push-To-Start protocol transmission channel is unblocked when your smartphone is in range. If you have opted for multi-level driver authentication, the Keyless Entry channel is unblocked when all registered devices are in range.

Secure & Hassle-Free Owner Authentication via BluetoothSmart

StarLine was one of the first hi-tech equipment manufacturers who started utilizing the BluetoothSmart technology in Russia. In 2013-2014, we started integrating it into our products. In 2016, after extensive testing of our patented protocols in combination with BluetoothSmart to ensure that the BluetoothSmart channel is reliably protected by patented StarLine protocols against all known methods of electronic theft, our Fifth Generation product range came out featuring this new method of owner authentication.

It has proven so popular with our customers that we are now using it in most of our products. Our latest range of Sixth Generation vehicle security systems is fully BluetoothSmart-ready. In addition, we are always modernizing and strenghtening our protocols in order to ensure immunity to code-scanning devices and other methods used by thieves to compromise security.

Here are some advantages of using BluetoothSmart authentication:


Stay Connected

If you end up in an underground parking space or a garage, where there's no GSM coverage, you will still be in touch with your vehicle and have access to the security features of your StarLine system via StarLine Mobile App. on your BluetoothSmart 4.2 enabled Smartphone as it will use the BluetoothSmart channel in abscense of a GSM signal.


Enjoy 'Hands-Free' Comfort

Enjoy the 'hands-free' function with BluetoothSmart — all you need is your Smartphone. Your personal phone acts the same way as a transponder would. Owner authorization happens automatically - no buttons to press, no tags or remotes to carry. When you approach your vehicle with your personal BluetoothSmart 4.2 enabled Smartphone, the system will disarmed and unlock the doors. When you move away from the car, the security system will arm un lock.


Safe and Secure

StarLine's Sixth Generation product range employs advanced protocols to ensure the same level of security using your Smartphone that you'd get using the StarLine transponder for owner authentication - using StarLine's own 'dialogue authorization', it guarantees immunity against all known code-grabbing devices.


Fast and Efficient

The times when you've had to wait for what seemed like ages for a command to be executed, are long over! No more waiting, no more annoyances, no more having to press and click. StarLine equipment works 'at the speed of light' - without having to press anything or even carry any extra accessories. User recognition happens within a second and is barely noticeable to the user and it works every time!

Engine Immobilisation Via CANBUS

Invisible, undetectable relay-less engine blocking using StarLine’s patented iCAN™ digital technology. There are no physical components; engine blocking is performed via vehicle's own (OEM) CAN protocols and there is nothing that would give away its presence to the would-be thief. There are 2 ways to implement CANBUS engine immobilisation.

1. Engine does not start at all if owner authentication has not taken place.
2. Engine will start in any case, but, unless driver authentication had been successful prior to starting the engine, the vehicle will stale as soon as movement is detected. Implementing this method ensures compatibility with engine remote start systems.

OBD Port Lockdown

Most StarLine system of the 6th generation have the OBD port protection feature. When the owner leaves the vehicle i.e. their personal smartphone or/and radiotag is out of range, the OBD port is ‘locked’, so the vehicle's security can't be compromised by such methods as key cloning or OBD port scanning - the would-be thief will not be able to register any equipment into the vehicle or read information on existing equipment - as no access to the OBD port can be gained until the owner has passed authentication.


Anti-Hijack Mode

All 6th generation StarLine vehicle security systems feature programmable anti-hijack mode. If the vehicle is stolen with its engine running - by driver distraction, conning, via physical key theft, or by physical force, - the engine can be immobilised in several ways once the owner is out of danger and there's no risk of the hijacker returning. The anti-hijack feature can be activated by motion detection (ex. once it reaches 10mph); gear shifting; pressing the brake pedal; or when the vehicle has ceased moving (ex. stopping at the traffic light) - it will not start again without owner authentication, which is either by their personal smartphone, BT / ADR radiotag, personal PIN code - or any combination of these, depending on what authentication method(s) the vehicle owner has chosen to use.

Anti-hijack can be triggered automatically upon meeting pre-programmed conditions (eg. movement detection without driver authentication, loss of connection to driver authentication device(s) mid-motion, etc.), and also activated by the owner via StarLine mobile app.

It is also possible to program the anti-hijack feature to activate by voice command or via StarLine mobile app. This does not comply with UK's safe engine blocking in motion laws and should only be used by - or under the supervision of - a police officer.


Don't Underestimate The Power of a Hoodlock!

All StarLine products are designed to allow integration of a hoodlock unit (StarLine L10 or L11). Hoodlocks are frequently undervalued by both - fitters and end-users alike, which is a grave mistake as this is one anti-theft accessory that can single-handedly prevent vehicle theft like no other, and many a vehicle has been preserved due to this often-overlooked extra being installed.

What springs to mind when a hoodlock is mentioned, is "protection against headlight theft", but this is just one of the things a hoodlock can serve for. It's real value becomes apparent when you consider the following scenario:

1. The first thing a thief would want to do, is to silence the alarm system by either clipping the siren wire or disconnecting the car's battery. Both are located under the hood, and if a hoodlock is installed - there's no access to it!

2. If the thief has managed to deactivate main engine blocking by locating the standard relay, but there is an additional wireless engine blocking relay installed (i.e. StarLine R6, which goes under the hood and is undetectable), a hoodlock will block access to it and the thief will not be able to start the car.

All this will prove to be too time-consuming and problematic, particularly since getting past the hoodlock would involve physically sawing open the hood, which would significantly lower the value of the vehicle as it would be ruined, so the thief is likely to abandon a car that requires this much effort and find an easier target.

StarLine equipment will integrate with a hoodlock via the StarLine R6 wireless relay and will operate as part of the system i.e. as you approach the car and driver authentication takes place, the hoodlock will open, and lock as you close the car / arm the security system.

Want To Keep Using Your Car's Factory Key? Don't Like Bulky Remotes? No Problem!

If you are used to using your car's original factory remote and don't want to carry an additional keyfob with you, then a system with the 'Slave' feature is what you're looking for.

'Slave' is a term used to describe the technology that allows seamless integration of an aftermarket alarm system with the vehicle's OEM (facory) remote via CAN protocols. So, essentially, the aftermarket looks and acts as though it is the vehicle's own as its controlled solely by the original remote.

All StarLine systems support such integration. Your StarLine system will 'obey' your car's original remote in 'Slave' mode. If your StarLine system came with an additional remote or radiotag, when you lock / unlock your car using the car's factory remote, the command will be registered with all of the StarLine devices that are registered in the system, so, unless you've opted for authorization via those additional devices, you will be able to leave them at home, having only the vehicle's original keyfob on you.


When you make use of the 'Slave' mode without additional user authentication, your vehicle's vulnerability to electronic attacks (relay theft) is increased significantly, therefore - all StarLine systems offer additional protection via one of the selected methods that you can choose from (see SuperSlave™ technology).

Why Settle For Less? Opt For Super Protection With StarLine SuperSlave™!

With SuperSlave™ your vehicle's anti-theft protection can be increased 5-fold (!) You have:

(1) Your vehicle's OEM alarm (if any),
(2) StarLine's remote with unscannable dialogue code featuring 128-bit individual encryption technology - immune to all known methods of electronic attacks,
(3) User authentication via StarLine's miniature BluetoothSmart radiotag,
(4) User authentication via your BluetoothSmart 4.2+ enabled smartphone with StarLine app. installed on it (identical to using BluetoothSmart radiotag -- without having to carry the tag),
(5) User authentication by entering an individual PIN-code using your vehicle's OEM buttons in order to unblock the engine.

So, in addition to using your vehicle's factory remote, you can choose one or several of these user authentication methods.

When you select one of the additional methods of user authentication, StarLine's streamlined algorithms ensure that the vehicle's security system is disarmed only with the condition that: when the system receives the command from the factory remote, user authentication (by one or several chosen methods) takes place at the exact same time. This makes it impossible for thieves to 'hack' your vehicle's security system using one of the 'keyless entry' (electronic break-in) methods.

And if you don't want to carry any additional accessories (tags or remotes) with you, SuperSlave™ is still available to you! You can opt for the PIN-code method or/and use your smartphone for additional authentication via BluetoothSmart.

Plus, you can go Hands-Free! Just have your smartphone or your miniature StarLine radiotag on you and the system will take care of the rest!

Smart. Secure. Reliable. Easy. Conveniet.

Enable / Disable The Hands-Free Mode At Any Time You Desire - It's Easy!

Most 6th generation StarLine systems have the 'hands-free' option. Simply have your RF radiotag or smartphone* (with StarLine app. on it) on you, and your StarLine smart security system will "recognize" you as you approach the vehicle and disarm the system when when the tag / phone is detected in range at a set distance. No need to press anything!

When you leave the vehicle, the system automatically locks the doors and arms the system (plus, performs all the other pre-set actions triggered by the arming command).

When using the hands-free mode, you don’t need a remote control; just make sure you have your RF radiotag / smartphone with you.

* You can choose to have StarLine recognize you either by a radiotag or by your smartphone, or both at the same time for those, who prefer double authentication.

With optional EC-1 touch sensor you may leave all keys, remotes and belongings in car. Security will disarm with PIN-code entered by touching the sensor.

If you happen to have 'lost' your car at a large parking lot, - just whip out your phone and use the vehicle search function on your StarLine App. (or your StarLine remote control). The vehicle will trigger the siren and you will know where the car is.

Visual indication of statuses on your StarLine Mobile App., such as SIM card balance, battery charge, temperature, engine running, door(s) open, etc. The App. is exceptionally user-friendly and shows you everything you might want to know about the condition of your vehicle. You can also set/change parameters from within the App., such as adjust shock/tilt/motion sensor sensitivity, set automatic engine start for a particular time of the day, and many more.

Communicate With Your Car In A Way That's Convenient For YOU!

The times when the only way you could 'communicate' with your car, was by pressing a buttons on a plastic keyfob and the car would 'respond' by sounding the siren, are over!

With StarLine smart technologies, you have a number of ways that you can use to send commands, receive status reports and notification, view event history log, and track/monitor your vehicle's location/travel history. You no longer have to try and figure out what had triggered the siren as every zone that's being protected by StarLine equipment is visually reflected on your LCD remote / Smartphone App. / your online profile on StarLine's Internet server.

Of course, if you prefer to keep it simple, you can opt for sticking with your vehicle's OEM factory remote -- StarLine systems fully integrate with the central locking system and the OEM remote using StarLine's SuperSlave™ technology, so you will not need anything other than your original keyfob to control the system, and you will even be able to start your vehicle's engine remotely using the OEM keyfob (if you choose to install a system that has the remote engine start feature).

In addition to controlling the vehicle by its native OEM keyfob, you can also choose to have an additional LCD remote control, or GSM-interface, which will allow you to call your car like you would a friend on their mobile and the car can call you... send a text message... see your car on the screen of your Smartphone with a single click of a button... users of StarLine's Free-For-Life™ sattelite services can log-in to their account on a dedicated internet server and control the security and comfort features of the systems, change settings, and view event history at any time, from any part of the world. Thanks to StarLine's patented technologies, developed with the end-user in mind, you will be pleasantly surprised by the easy of use, speed, and reliability of StarLine's telematic services.

Features For Extended User Comfort

Using StarLine's FlexibleLogic™ concept, a number of additional comfort features can be introduced into a StarLine anti-theft system upon installation, using "StarLine Master" (programming software for fitters).

If the vehicle itself supports them, such features as "coming home light", automatic window roll-up and mirror folding, sunroof closure, automatic arming/disarming by distance detection or timing, and many more.

StarLine systems are designed for modern vehicles (controlled by CANBUS channels), but can be fitted on analogue (older) vehicles.

Most anti-theft systems on the market today, that are designed for modern vehicles, feature CAN interface. But you will be hard-pressed to find one that features 2CAN and 2LIN. This opens up ample opportunities for your car’s protection that can be implemented via CANBUS.

Integration of 2CAN+2LIN interface also ensures fast, convenient, and safe installation of StarLine protection equipment on modern cars containing CAN and LIN buses.

Almost all vehicles manufactured starting from year 2009, are digital (CANBUS-equipped) rathar than 'analogue. CANBUS is basically a set of wires that, as car’s visceral nervous system, sends impulses ('commands') to different parts of the car. In older - analogue - vehicles, these commands are 'independent' (each command goes through its own 'channel' or wire), but in moderns vehicles, this system is 'centralized'.

CAN StarLine systems are easier to install — instead of attaching the wires to each separate car system, one can attach the whole alarm system to the CANBUS and 'teach' the system to 'understand' the commands that the vehicle sends to each system.

CANBUS installation opens access to innovative functions, such as iCAN — the impossibility to start engine by an unauthorized person (in case you have set up a PIN-code or if the system doesn’t see your mini-tag or/and personal Smartphone).

You can set-up a host of comfort features such as window roll-up, automatic mirror folding, seat adjustment, headlight/interior light control, etc. (as long as the vehicle itself supports it).

Impressive speed, unprecedented precision, and immunity to weather conditions - StarLine’s patented HyperSensitive™ technology ensure maximum sensitivity of the satellite equipment, which means that your request (ex. current location of vehicle) is executed almost instantly and the vehicle’s location is detected with the precision of less than a few metres; the performance is not affected even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Energy consumption of all StarLine systems is record low. Your car battery will remain charged up to 60 days with StarLine system in active (armed) mode. All technologies are patented by StarLine.

Stable Performance In Any Climate

The components used in StarLine security systems are of premium quality; they are invented, produced, tested, and adjusted on-site. We have made sure that our systems perform steadily even in the most severe climate conditions -- at temperatures ranging from −50°C to +85°C.

They have been tested extensively and confirmed to operate without interference even in the most severe climate. StarLine systems are used in Siberia - where weather conditions are some of the most extreme in the world, with temperature reaching -50C in winter and +45C in summer. StarLine systems have also been confirmed to sustain stable performance in high humidity environments and in location where whether conditions tend to be unstable; where extreme and abrupt changes in temperature are a regular occurence.

All StarLine systems are equipped with transceivers that use a number of communication channels to avoid workload of the main radio channel used by all common alarm systems. The number of channels used by StarLine systems is from 128 to 512, all in the approved ISM bandwidth.

Example: Several cars in the parking zone send radio commands to their remotes at an alert, for example, at a strong sound of thunder. The car owner presses the buttons on the remote — no reaction, because of interference of other commands on the radio channel. StarLine systems, using nearby channels in the approved bandwidth, are always available for their owners.

This ensures full functionality even in extreme urban (radio-noise dense) conditions. The remote works up to 500m (can send feedback and receive commands) in urban environment, and up to 3km in out-of-city environment. GSM-based telemetry systems' communication range is unlimited.

StarLine's patented iKey™ technology is revolutionary - it allows for the implementation of remote engine start without key-cloning and without any additional equipment i.e. transponder bypass modules. Using the vehicle's existing algorithms, the OEM transponder is bypassed 'internally' -- via CANBUS. It is much faster and safer than using traditional bypass. StarLine continuously expands the list of supported vehicles.

Check compatibility with any make/model here.

StarLine is constantly expanding the model range of cars for which the iKey™ keyless bypass technology can be used (keyless bypass of factory transponder/immobilizer); introducing new StarLine service utilizing our patented CopyKey™ technology.

Use the service StarLine CopyKey to create the software copy of the key by means of the high-performance StarLine server. Now it is easy to bypass the complicated authorization algorithms of modern cars!

Starting from September, 1 the service will be available for the Russian cars Lada Kalina, Lada Granta and Lada Priora with engines without mass flow sensor.

StarLine made a new step in the development of iKey technology of keyless bypass. Our copy is better than the original!

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