Build Your Own StarLine System

Build Your Own StarLine System

At StarLine, we have been using modular hardware architecture and FlexibleLogic™ algorithms to create ‘personalized’ systems for our partners, for quite a while now. StarLine is homologated by a number of global vehicle manufacurers, who use our products as OEM equipment in their vehicles; the systems we supply to their dealer centres are based on StarLine’s existing products and altered – using this very method – to suit the specific needs of a particular vehicle make / model (or a cluster of models), taking into account the vehicle’s inherent vulnerabilities, OEM equipment, built-in comfort functions, and performance potential.

Now, for the first time ever, all of our customers – private and corporate – have the same ‘privilege’! We have made this very method available in our latest product range, so now anyone can benefit from StarLine’s groundbreaking technologies — the possibilities are virtually endless. You can ‘build’ your own system virtually from scrath, or you can a just add a few simple features in order to personalize the system and make it ‘your own’. StarLine is the only company in the world that offers mainstream systems that afford this level of customization potential and flexibility. StarLine allows you to accomplish things that no other system in the world does.



StarLine’s ‘special use’ modular systems – such as AS96 and B96 – have been available for quite some time, but the FlexibleLogic™ concept was first introduced for ‘open use’ as part of our previous (5th generation) product range, and, having gathered sufficient feedback from partners and customers regarding its usefulness, it can be ascertained that the concept has proven to be one of StarLine’s best inventions.

Considering that the concept was a major hit with those testing it on our 5th generation platform, we have been busy expanding its possibilities and, as you will see, the possibilities of FlexibleLogic™ in our current (6th generation) product range are virtually endless!

So… What exactly is StarLine’s FlexibleLogic™ and why should you care about it?

Well, let’s look at it from 2 different perspectives: as the end-user and as StarLine’s approved partner (fitter / distributor).


If You’re A Vehicle Owner (The End-User)…

… you can get your fitter to use a StarLine product as a basis for designing a highly-personalized system tailor-made for you. It can virtually be built from scratch, adapted to your particular car’s make/model and your individual security and comfort level requirements, – a system that boasts the features unique to your vehicle, dictated by your personal preferences. You no longer need to adapt to your car; you can get your car to adapt to you. Gone are the days when you had to settle for a pre-packaged system with pre-programmed features that could not be removed, changed, or expanded. Now you can design your own package and add or remove the features as you see fit! And no, you don’t have to place a special order with the alarm manufacturer! All you have to do is ask your StarLine-approved fitter.

If You’re A StarLine Partner (Fitter / Distributor)…

… you no longer have to tell your customers, “Sorry… unfortunately, this model does not come with this feature…”. Instead, you can say, “Yes, we can do that!”, when they have a non-standard request for a particular feature. If you’re a fitter working predominantly with one (or several) particular vehicle makes / models / families (ex. Korean- or German- made cars, the VW / Toyota / Ford family, popular SUVs / 4x4s / commercial vans, etc.), you can use StarLine systems as a basis for designing your own systems for the vehicles you work with — and offer them to your customers as pre-designed systems with a number of optional features.


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