StarLine EasyTelematics™

StarLine EasyTelematics™


Vehicle telematics (also commonly referred to as ‘car telematics’ and ‘automotive telematics’) is a relatively new concept. The term is derived from TELEcommunications + inforMATICS, and encompasses wireless remote data transfer technologies; remote data gathering, storage, and analysis; monitoring and controlling of remote objects in real-time (inc. on the move).

The origins of automotive telematics can be traced to fleet management services, who were the first niche to implement the concept — in order to automate data collection (operating hours, location, fuel consumption, odometer reading, etc.) to be used in reporting and performance evaluation.

Practical application of telematics within the automotive industry includes (but is not limited to): private car tracking and monitoring, fleet management, car sharing, usage-based insurance, satellite navigation, driver assistance technologies, and remote access to various configuration settings of the vehicle.

With StarLine EasyTelematics™ you gain remote access to your vehicle. Essentially, you can engage in ‘two way communication’ – in real time – with your car from any part of the world. You can send commands, receive notifications, change existing settings, set-up and configure new features. And this can be done without having physical access to the vehicle, using a smart device, such as a smartphone or laptop, of your choice with internet access.


For instance, if you’re on an extended vacation or business trip abroad and are worried about your vehicle’s battery discharging while you’re away, you can set up automatic engine warm-up (remote start, autostart) every XX days on a timer, or triggered by temperature / battery voltage drop below a pre-set point.

Another example would be an autonomous tracking device in your vehicle – one that ‘sleeps’ (is undetectable) until it receives a request from the owner in form of a text message. You can instruct the device to ‘wake up’ at certain time intervals and send automatic location / status updates.

StarLine also offers such innovative services as SmartDriving™ and SmartDiagnostics™ – in addition to vehicle tracking and monitoring online in real time, and full access to system’s security and comfort features. And this is available free of charge with the purchase and installation of one of our GPS-GLONASS systems.

This is just a small part of the advanced technologies behind StarLine vehicle telematics, aptly named EasyTelematics™ – to convey that, despite employing the latest and highly advanced algorithms, we made sure that our services are exceptionally easy to use – for everyone. We regularly receive positive feedback on our telematics interface from seniors and non tech-savvy people, who report being pleasantly surprised by the user-friendliness of our telematic services.

Employing innovative and patented GSM+GPRS and GPS+GLONASS advanced vehicle telematic solutions, StarLine’s 6th generation car security equipment is years ahead of most products available on the global car security market today.

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