SmartDriving™  + SmartDiagnostics™

SmartDriving™ + SmartDiagnostics™

We are delighted to announce that StarLine has pioneered 2 new technologies, that will be integrated into our 6th generation product range – set to hit the market in late 2017. These new technologies are SmartDriving™ and SmartDiagnosics™ . For the first time ever, a vehicle anti-theft system comes with such smart features. As per usual, StarLine aims to bring you tomorrow’s technologies, today. Currently, no other product in the world that we’re aware of, matches StarLine’s 6th generation telematic systems in terms of pre-set features and security/comfort/performance feature expansion potential.


StarLine SmartDriving™

Are you a smart driver?

Let StarLine find out for you! Via our new SmartDriving™ technology, the system will automatically assess the quality of your driving and provide daily feedback, which you can view on your StarLine Smartphone App.

If you tend to borrow your car to other people, such as relatives / friends, you can also use this service to assess their driving in order to ensure that your vehicle is safe with them.

If your company owns or manages a vehicle fleet or provides transportation / logistics services, you, too, will certainly benefit from StarLine’s latest invention! As the owner / manager, you will definitely want to find out how your employees treat the company’s vehicles! Making sure that your staff members practice smart driving will not only allow you to reduce risks of damage to the vehicles and potential accident-related pay-outs to the employees, who don’t practice appropriate road safety while using your company’s vehicles, but it will significantly reduce the risk of incurring fines as well as costs associated with maintenance and repair works due to premature wear-and-tear of the vehicle’s various systems and components.



How It Works

The first part of the screen titled ‘Driving Style’ has the following segments: (1) Assessment of driving quality, (2) Risks, and (3) How you rank amongst other participants using StarLine’s SmartDriving™ assessment service.

The system will register the moves made by the driver and single out those, that could be considered hazardous, guided by the following 4 criteria: speeding, acceleration, braking, sharp turns (lateral acceleration). These are recorded in the ‘Risks’ section. This information is nullified every day or every 100 kilometers.
The color will change depending on the results.
You can easily share this information with your friends on social networks, attach it to your message or send via email — just click the ‘Share’ icon.

The second part of the screen titled ‘Driving Style’ depicts the assessment results of your driving quality covering a certain period of time, such as a week, a month, a year, or any other period you are interested in.


StarLine SmartDiagnostics™

Fancy your own diagnostics service?

Equipped with one of StarLine’s smart systems of the 6th generation, your car is taught to monitor its own technical condition and provide detailed information in case any system errors or faults are detected. Note that the price for a standard diagnostics services in dealer centres ranges from £30 to £70 in the UK, and there’s usually a waiting list. StarLine’s SmartDiagnostics™ technology saves both – your time and your money! You no longer have to guess at what maintenance works might be required and when you should visit a dealer service / workshop for repair works. Also, you will be informed of the fault(s) prior to hearing about them from the technician, so you can be sure that you aren’t being misled.

How It Works

Get all the current information available on the vehicle’s technical condition via your StarLine Smartphone App. in just two clicks! Within the app., go to ‘Information’ and select ‘Diagnostics’ from the drop down menu. You will get feedback on such parameters as your vehicle’s mileage, fuel level, and current system errors/faults (if any).
The icon will be highlighted green if there are no faults or errors, and red if there are. You will also get information on the quantity of current errors and time of the last update.

In order to get additional information (if available) on any particular error, just click on the relevant section, and you will see both – the error code and its description. This information will make it easier for you to coordinate time and volume of the necessary repair works with your service center.



Smart Security With A New Perspective

With StarLine’s advanced security protocols, telematic solutions, and satellite services featured in our 6th generation product line, you get enormous value as not only is your vehicle reliably protected against theft by the world’s latest smart technologies as pioneered by StarLine, but you get a host of extra comfort features and unparalleled performance, such as our famed Free4Life™ satellite services and now also the tremendously useful SmartDriving™, enabling you to monitor and increase your (or your employees) driving safety, as well as save big on diagnostic services and ensure that you are always informed in a timely manner of any system errors or technical faults of your vehicle with SmartDiagnostics™ .

By the way, our research shows that proper driving as per StarLine’s SmartDriving™ service criteria will lower your routine repair and maintenance costs. For example, the longevity of your tires will increase by 15-20%, pads by 20%, and suspension by 15-20%.

Now you can drive with confidence and not worry about your vehicle’s technical condition, knowing that your smart StarLine system is watching out for both in the background.

Be a smart driver and start saving now with StarLine’s latest technologies – check out our 6th generation product range and select yours today!

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