Smart Apps (Downloads)

Smart Apps (Downloads)


StarLine has developed a number of applications for your convenience – to be used with your StarLine equipment.
First of all, we have the “StarLine GSM Telematics” Mobile App. – the ‘master app.’ used with all 6th generation systems that feature a GSM-interface.


Download the StarLine GSM Telematics Mobile App.:
For Android | For Apple | For Windows

“StarLine GSM Telematics” Mobile App

Telematics: the future of vehicle security!

StarLine is proud of the fact that we were one of the first companies in the world to introduce a Smartphone app. through which one could manage their vehicle’s anti-theft system and receive security status notification. We have been fine-tuning and adjusting the app. ever since to ensure that it remains highly-functional, practical, and user-friendly… and keeps up with the ever-changing high-tech market in today’s fast-paced environment.

The application will work with any StarLine system with a GSM-interface. This includes auto and moto anti-theft (alarm) systems, GSM modules, and trackers.

Start with registering your newly-installed StarLine system using a simple installation wizard that appears automatically when you enter the app. You can work with several StarLine devices within the same location – saves a lot of hassle to those, who own more than one vehicle.

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This app. enables you to make use of owner authorization via BluetoothSmart technology on your BluetoothSmart 4.2 enabled Smartphone.

Make sure to ‘tie’ your Smartphone to the StarLine system as per the instructions given upon registration.

Download the ‘StarLine Key’ app. for:
Android | Apple | Windows

‘StarLine Key’ is supported by all the 6th generation StarLine systems that feature a BLE-module.


This app. is similar to StarLine’s main GSM app. for cars and vans, but this one is meant for motorcycles only; it was specifically designed for the StarLine V66 motorcycle immobilizer system, using the BluetoothSmart technology.

The app. enables you to use your Smartphone as a ‘radiotag’ for user authentication, and control some of the security options, such as arming/disarming, turning the dual zone shock sensor on and off, enabling/disabling ‘service mode’ when the motorcycle is left at a service station for maintenance/repair works.

Supported devices: iPhone 5 (iOS 8.0) and up. In order to use the ‘StarLine Moto’ app., you must enable your phone’s Bluetooth module. Prior to logging into the app., your mobile device must be paired up with the StarLine V66 system – detailed instructions are available upon registration.

Click here to download the StarLine Moto app. for Apple iPhone (iOS).


Contrary to popular belief, the first Smartwatch was released in 1998, and it was pioneered by Seiko. However, they didn’t become popular until The Moto 360 hit the market – running AndroidWear in 2014, promptly followed by Apple, who released their first Smartwatch in early 2015. So what exactly is a Smartwatch? Well, it’s a gadget that’s a perfect companion for your Smartphone. It allows you to use voice search on the Internet, accept and reject calls, get messages and dictate the answer immediately, as well as use various mobile apps in different ways. The only thing you need is to have your Android Smartphone with Internet access on you.

In order to access the StarLine Smartwatch app., all you need to do is find the relevant icon on the screen of your Smartwatch.

What can you do inside the app.?

– You can choose select the color of the theme.
– Remotely start and stop the engine of your vehicle (if your StarLine system has this feature).
– Arm and disarm your StarLine alarm system.
– Receive notifications.

BluetoothSmart Wireless Transmission

Information between the StarLine apps (Smartwatch and Smartphone) is transmitted through the safe and reliable BluetoothSmart technology. What is it used for? It enables you to gain access to the the StarLine server, so you can get feedback on the status of your vehicle and monitor/control its security via your Smartwatch.

Get The StarLine Smartwatch App.!

Click here to download StarLine Smartwatch app, from Google Play.
StarLine app is available for all smartwatches on the Android Wear platform and smartphones with Android version 4.3 and above.

Please note that the StarLine Smartphone app. will be downloaded simultaneously, as the two apps are designed to work together for security reasons i.e. if your Smartwatch is stolen, the thief will be unable to control the vehicle in absence of the owner’s Smartphone, which is tied to the system and is the main authorization method (making the Smartwatch a ‘slave’).




With the ‘I’m here!’ mobile app. by StarLine you will always know the location of your loved ones. Installing the app. on a child’s / an elderly person’s, etc. Smartphone, turns the phone into a ‘pointer’ (tracking device) and allows you to see their location in real time, any time.

The location co-ordinates will be available for viewing at the StarLine dedicated internet server or in the StarLine mobile application (see top of page).
The service is free. Registration is required.

The ‘I’m here!’ app. features allows you to share your location by e-mail, SMS, and via social networking sites. It features the “SOS” button for emergencies — pressing the button will send an instant text message or a PUSH-notification to a pre-assigned mobile number. The user can also conveniently make one-touch phone calls to a pre-assigned phone number.

The app. shows the location of the person being tracked using GoogleMaps or a map service of your choice, as well as determine the address. The app. runs in the background on your phone – there is no need to start it manually. You can configure the app. to run on a schedule, i.e. specify which days of the week you want the app to switch on, and the time of the day when you want the app. to start / end tracking. You can also set-up ‘geozones’ and receive notifications if the person being tracked crosses one of them.

Please note: Since the application is ‘always-on’, continued use of ‘geolocation’ services in the background may contribute to accelerated discharge of the battery.

Click here to download the ‘I’m here!’ app. for Samsung / Android, from Google Play.
Click here to download the ‘I’m here!’ app. for Apple / iOS, from iTunes.

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