StarLine Immobilisers / Anti-Hijack Systems

StarLine Immobilisers / Anti-Hijack Systems


An immobiliser (or immobilizer) is an electronic security device fitted to an automobile that prevents the engine from running unless owner authentication had taken place prior. It can perform driver recognition in one or several ways. A typical example is a transponder key / tag / card that can either be wireless (automatic recognition by proximity) or stationary (the owner either touches or swipes the key at a certain place within the vehicle). An immobiliser can prevent the car from being “hot wired” if a would-be thief has managed to gain entry.

“A 2016 study in the Economic Journal finds that the immobilizer lowered the overall rate of car theft by about 40% between 1995 and 2008. The benefits in terms of prevented thefts are at least three times higher than the costs of installing the device.”

Immobilisers were originally introduced as a supplementary anti-theft measure for high-risk vehicles i.e. to be used in addition to a high-grade car alarm system. An immobiliser can significantly delay a thief, but the downside of these devices is that they don’t alert the owner if the vehicle is being broken into.


6th Generation Intelligent Immobiliser Systems


StarLine i96

A unique highly-advanced and highly-secure intelligent immobiliser – the only one of its kind in the world – it features 3xCAN and BluetoothSmart interfaces and combines the best of both worlds: analogue (‘old school’) + digital CAN-BUS (new age) anti-theft solutions. Multilayer protection: 3-way owner authentication (PIN code, smartphone, tag), multidimensional engine blocking, conditional anti-hijack, built-in 3D accelerometer, keyless entry protection, anti key theft, and lots more!

Recommended for newer vehicles.


StarLine i95

A smart analogue immobiliser with automatic driver recognition, 2.4GHz unscannable dialogue code (cannot be compromised by any code scanning device), anti-hijack, hands-free, built-in accelerometer. The immobiliser is miniature and fully waterproof – can be installed in the most unexpected location. Comes with 2 waterproof/shockproof smart tags. Remarkably energy efficient – car’s battery will retain sufficient charge for up to 200 days in armed mode.

Recommended for older vehicles.


StarLine M66

A unique, one-of-a-kind product – GPS tracker / engine immobiliser / pager combined in a super-miniature device designed for protection and monitoring of personal transport / fleet. Features CAN, BluetoothSmart, GSM, GPS-GLONASS interfaces. Highly customisable. Built-in 3D accelerometer with impact and tilt sensors. 2-way driver authentication. Comes with free-for-live satellite services (high-precision tracking and monitoring with 24/7 access to a live map).

Supports 12/24V installation.

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