Is Your StarLine Product Genuine?

Is Your StarLine Product Genuine?


Please make sure you are buying a genuine StarLine product that was produced for the UK market*. If you purchase a non-genuine product whose origins cannot be traced i.e. the serial number is not registered in our database / you are unable to provide the serial number for the product, factory warranty is void and the product is not eligible for any technical support or product updates.

So please make sure you are buying genuine UK stock from a UK-authorised dealer!

Are you getting a genuine UK product?

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* You might have noticed that the assortment and pricing for StarLine products is different in different counties (our products are used in 60+ countries of the world) – these differences are due to the fact that the systems are configured differently for different geographic locations taking into account such factors as that particular location’s local operating frequencies**, prevailing trends in car crime, local laws and regulations concerning certain features***, compatibility with OEM protocols of local cars****, and the specific security needs of vehicle owners in that particular location.

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