Buy / Install StarLine Car Security in the UK

Buy / Install StarLine Car Security in the UK

Are you looking to install a StarLine product on your vehicle?

Here’s how:

1. Contact us with information about your vehicle and your location in the UK.
2. We will get back to you with recommendations and contact details of an approved partner in your area or closest to it.

Please note: StarLine systems cannot be sold separately to customers for DIY installation or installation by non-approved fitters. They can only be supplied to suitably trained security professionals by StarLine approved UK dealers. The end-user gets their system ‘supplied and fitted’. You will never find genuine StarLine products for sale on the likes of Amazon and eBay (although partners might advertise ‘supplied and fitted’ services on such websites.

If you are offered a StarLine product by a private fitter, make sure you are getting a genuine product and the person / company carrying out your installation is suitably qualified to handle StarLine’s advanced 6th generation equipment to the quality standards stipulated by the company.

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