BluetoothSmart Authorization

BluetoothSmart Authorization

StarLine were one of the first hi-tech equipment manufacturers who started utilizing the BluetoothSmart technology in Russia. In 2013-2014, we started integrating it into our products. In 2016, after extensive testing of our patented protocols in combination with BluetoothSmart to ensure that the BluetoothSmart channel is reliably protected by patented StarLine protocols against all known methods of electronic theft, our Fifth Generation product range came out featuring this new method of owner authentication.

It has proven so popular with our customers that we are now using it in most of our products. Our latest range of Sixth Generation vehicle security systems is fully BluetoothSmart-ready. In addition, we are always modernizing and strenghtening our protocols in order to ensure immunity to code-scanning devices and other methods used by thieves to compromise security.

Here are some advantages of using BluetoothSmart authentication:


Stay Connected

If you end up in an underground parking space or a garage, where there’s no GSM coverage, you will still be in touch with your vehicle and have access to the security features of your StarLine system via StarLine Mobile App. on your BluetoothSmart 4.2 enabled Smartphone as it will use the BluetoothSmart channel in abscense of a GSM signal.


Enjoy ‘Hands-Free’ Comfort

Enjoy the ‘hands-free’ function with BluetoothSmart — all you need is your Smartphone. Your personal phone acts the same way as a transponder would. Owner authorization happens automatically – no buttons to press, no tags or remotes to carry. When you approach your vehicle with your personal BluetoothSmart 4.2 enabled Smartphone, the system will disarmed and unlock the doors. When you move away from the car, the security system will arm un lock.


Safe and Secure

StarLine’s Sixth Generation product range employs advanced protocols to ensure the same level of security using your Smartphone that you’d get using the StarLine transponder for owner authentication – using StarLine’s own ‘dialogue authorization’, it guarantees immunity against all known code-grabbing devices.


Fast and Efficient

The times when you’ve had to wait for what seemed like ages for a command to be executed, are long over! No more waiting, no more annoyances, no more having to press and click. StarLine equipment works ‘at the speed of light’ – without having to press anything or even carry any extra accessories. User recognition happens within a second and is barely noticeable to the user and it works every time!


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