Certification / Homologation

Certification / Homologation

With more than 60% market share, ScPA «StarLine» Ltd. is the undisputed leader of the vehicle security market in its native Russia. It’s a long-established brand that needs no introduction. StarLine is a household name and is often referred to as ‘people’s brand’. Due to the company’s impeccable reputation, a number of dealer centres, representing some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, have chosen us as their reliable partner in developing security solutions for their cars.



Our fully EU certified modern hi-tech production facility in St.Peterburg, Russian Federation, is equipped with the latest state-of-the art machinery by world’s leading manufacturers, – the equipment is regularly serviced and calibrated and we have the strictest quality-control standards in place that we adhere to religiously. StarLine’s quality management system – applied to all departments and production lines – is certified ISO 9001:2008 TÜV Rheinland and GOST ISO 9001:2011 («Research Centre of Control and Diagnostics of Technical Systems») certified.

StarLine car security products carry the following marks of quality assurance:



All the components used in our products are either produced locally or made, applying our own standards, by our approved European partners. We don’t use generic “made in China” components of unknown origin in our products.

StarLine systems are recommended by all leading insurance companies; vehicle owners are usually able to secure a discount of up to 90% on their insurance quote when their vehicle is equipped StarLine’s 6th generation smart car security and advanced telematics. This is because the we have a proven track record and reputation as a company that offers the very latest in car security and produces systems of the highest quality, constantly improving its security and service features that ensure reliable anti-theft protection using innovative, patented technologies that are often ahead of their time.

This is clearly shown in statistics gathered by leading insurance companies. There have been virtually no vehicle thefts cases reported in the past 8 years for vehicles equipped with genuine StarLine products, fitted by suitably qualified and StarLine-approved specialists. Also, the fact that the estimated number of active users of StarLine telematic car security systems exceeds 16,000,000 (sixteen million).



StarLine Products Are Dealer-Approved

StarLine automotive anti-theft, tracking and monitoring telematic solutions have been homologated by a number of world’s leading vehicle manufacturers; a centralized delivery system has been established, supplying StarLine produce as OEM equipment to over 4,000 dealer centres nationwide, since 2010. We have also recently started working with dealer centres in the neighbouring counties, where StarLine products are also used as OEM equipment by a number of dealer centres representing some of the most popular brands in the global automotive industry, including some of Britain’s favourites, such as Ford, Volkswagen, Opel (Vauxhall), Nissan, Kia, Toyota, Skoda, and more! (See: Britain’s Bestselling Cars)

Thanks to our partnership with dealer centres, we are able to stay one step ahead of the criminals – we design our systems taking into account inherent vulnerabilities of a particular make/model, so we are aware of potential security holes that can be exploited before the criminals get the change to do so.



Please note that StarLine alarm systems, immobilizers, tracking devices can be fitted on any vehicle make and model. The vehicle brands mentioned here as StarLine’s official partners, are those that have homologated StarLine vehicle security systems and chosen us as their official partner in developing OEM equipment and/or supplying customized aftermarket options.

StarLine alarm systems and telematic equipment is suitable for all popular brands, such as:

Check your vehicle’s compatibility with any particular StarLine product at can.starline.ru.




StarLine’s Patented Design And Technologies

StarLine products’ original design and unique technological solutions are protected by patents and certificates of authorship:

Russian Federation: №82934-№82936, №85256, №85257, №84446, №77308, №77309, №80247, №80248, №86888, №87172, №86991, №116107, №101980, №2524809, №2010614059- №2010614062, №2010615049-№2010615051, №2012612962, №2013613006, №2013613005, №2013617207, №337380, №415226, №439874, №462966, №438908, №467850, №465706, №964237, №99410, №28166, №01491331, №0141332, №10629249, №10629248, №508451, №517094, №511973, №507475, №523832, №2013720425, №520358, №523244, №523630, №526508, №521743, №531035, №521456, №522339, №520113, №521266, №521744, №521969, №523242, №521745, №523243, №2013720440, №544137, №544138, №546863, №2014729105-№2014729107, №559392, №559393;
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Countries of the Madrid agreement: №964237, №1215725
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