About ScPA StarLine

About ScPA StarLine

StarLine is Eastern Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of professional vehicle security equipment, with a strong emphasis on telematics and CANBUS-based solutions.

ScPA «StarLine» Ltd. was founded in 1988 by a talented radio-electronics engineer, holder of the prestigious State Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievements in Science and Technology award, who, after falling victim to theft himself, has dedicated his life to developing solutions to help others protect their vehicles and fight national – and now global – car crime.

Today ScPA «StarLine» Ltd. is the largest supplier of modern automotive security solutions in Russia and the CIS countries, steadily expanding into the European Union and Asia.

In its homeland, StarLine’s solid background and impeccable reputation throughout the years has earned it the status of being the most trusted and reliable brand in the automotive industry. The company has received a number of awards, including the “Most Trusted” by Yell.ru — Russia’s largest YellowPages-type business directory with confirmed peer-to-peer reviews of local businesses.

Our private and corporate customers, our domestic and international partners, independent automotive security experts, and even government officials recognize StarLine as the undisputed industry leader dedicated to upholding the highest standards that serve as a benchmark for modern automotive OEM and after-market equipment development.

In addition to that, StarLine works with a number of regional dealer centres in developing / customizing OEM equipment for brands like Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, etc. (see: Homologation).

StarLine is proud to be the leading training provider to young aspiring engineers. We support young people across the country in acquiring the skills needed to prepare them for a career in engineering and development of hi-tech solutions of the future.

StarLine also works with the police and federal agencies to combat the influx of counterfeit products and cheap, low quality “made in China” components that are being used in products that are subsequently marketed as “locally produced”. Such practices undermine the credibility of “Made In Russia” products that are otherwise of superb quality. The company has recently invested in our own on-site production of plastic components and accessories for our systems in order to gain more control over the overall quality of our products.


StarLine entered the UK market in mid-2018, and has successfully completed local product testing in October, 2018.
StarLine’s UK branch carries products that have been hand-picked for the United Kingdom, based on extensive – and ongoing – research of local market conditions, prevailing trends in automotive crime, legal regulations, as well as predominant security / comfort / performance requirements and preferences of local vehicle owners.


What We Stand For

StarLine Mission:


StarLine Vision:


StarLine Values:


The StarLine Concept

StarLine’s conceptual product development strategy can be broken into the following 4 segments. These 4 factors are what we keep in mind – and benchmark against – as we develop and test our products. We always aim to make our systems smarter — in terms of protection, performance, and user-comfort, and ensure that we offer unparalleled value to partners and customers.


Smarter Protection

The latest in car security technologies.

StarLine engage in continuous in-depth research to predict the thieves’ next strategy and come up with countermeasures based on the latest technological advancements, ensuring maximum protection & aiming to always be one step ahead of the criminals.
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Smarter Performance

Durability and reliability guaranteed.

StarLine puts a huge emphasis on quality as our equipment is engineered for performance. We only use top quality components and have integrated a number of patented technologies to ensure that our products exceed the higest of expectations of partners and customers.
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Smarter Comfort

Emphasising comfort and ease of use.

StarLine systems are developed with the end-user in mind. Even though the technologies and algorithms we use in our products are highly advanced and complicated, we ensure that it feels the opposite way; our products are user-friendly and fuss-free to use.
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Smarter Value

Premium services that you can afford.

StarLine offers unparalleled value not only by pricing our products in a smart way to ensure widespread affordability, but also by adding a number of professional services that you won’t find elsewhere through our free advanced telematics and premium satellite services.
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