Warning: Rural Crime On The Rise In The UK

Warning: Rural Crime On The Rise In The UK

There have been several Police warnings this autumn, urging people living in remote locations to be extra vigilant. Even though summer is long over, rural crime has not subsided. Thieves are still targeting people living on farms — not only for agricultural equipment, but their personal transport and any other valuables they can get their hands on as well.

Rural burglaries are getting more and more common. No place is safe – as this VW Tiguan owner will attest.

He lives on the outskirts, in a place that has been “a very quiet and safe area — until recently”. He was targeted several times over the past few months. His quad bike was stolen from a locked shed. Not recovered thus far. And now, he suspects, the same thieves had returned to try to nick his new 2019 Tiguan.

The vehicle is kept behind a fence in a secure area overnight, but seeing that they managed to steal a quad from a locked shed, he didn’t want to take any chances with the Tiguan.



Considering various risk factors, the owner’s individual needs, and the methods thieves are likely to use on this particular make/model, it has been concluded that this project didn’t warrant a full-spec vehicle security system; a micro anti-theft device will suffice as a basis for building a bespoke security system for the Tiguan.

A #StarLineUK senior Partner built a custom security package based on #StarLineM66 intelligent device (tracker-immobiliser-pager), with a few undisclosed tricks that only the owner knows about 🙂

The primary role of the system is to:

1. Stay discreet and undetectable.
2. Provide a ‘back-up’ in case the device is discovered and ripped out (which isn’t likely 🙂 but still…)
3. To IMMEDIATELY inform the owner of any security breach.
4. To delay the thief as long as possible by introducing multiple layers of protection in case the thieves do try to bypass security.
5. To safeguard against ‘unexpected’ methods thieves might use (the thieves targeting this particular vehicle are likely classed as ‘low intelligence’ i.e. “local lowlives”, but we made sure that the vehicle is protected against lesser known methods of theft used by high-profile professional thieves).


Are you worried about YOUR vehicle’s security? Interested in joining the #ConnectedCarsUK community? Feel free to contact us or your local StarLine-approved dealer for a professional consultation and expert advice.

Our Partners are trained to provide all the assistance you need in choosing the right vehicle security solution for your individual needs and one that’s best suited for your vehicle’s make/model.

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