Announcement: New Mobile App. For StarLine Tracking Device Set-Up (M15 / M17)

Announcement: New Mobile App. For StarLine Tracking Device Set-Up (M15 / M17)

Introducing the new ‘StarLine Tracker Set-Up’ mobile app. for StarLine M15 and StarLine M17 GSP/GPS-GLONASS tracking and monitoring devices.

The app. is available for Android and Apple iOS mobile device users.

As per customer requests, we have created an even easier, more convenient, and faster way to set-up and configure your StarLine tracking equipment, with a quick assisted set-up via a super simple mobile app.

The new app. lets you configure your device whilst offline (not connected to the internet).

The working principle of the new mobile app. is simple: the application will compose and send text message configuration commands on your behalf to your tracking and monitoring device. It is easier and quicker than regular setup via manual text message commands.

Also, now you can simply use the application menu to select any particular option as well as to change and fine-tune existing settings.



Prior to the release of the mobile app., trackers could be configured in 3 ways:

1. Via the Mayak Mobi internet service specifically designed for tracker configuration.
2. Via StarLine’s Connected Cars telematics network at StarLine Online.
3. Via text message commands sent to the device.

The above are still available as alternatives to the mobile app. However, the overwhelming majority of users have expressed the desire for a mobile application, so here it is – our customers’ wish is our command!


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